Rugs & Carpets

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Elevate your interior designs with our bespoke luxury rugs & carpets. Our pieces indulge in an opulent blend of impeccable materials such as viscose and New Zealand wool, with the added bonus of customisable size and shape. From warming your floor to bringing texture, colour and pattern into a room, our designer rugs and carpets are interior multitaskers.

The most beautiful way to polish any room is with the addition of a highly intricate luxury rug that is wonderfully thought-provoking but very sturdy because of its amazing upholstery. Our luxury rugs represent sophistication and comfort in one piece.

Explore our supreme collection of designer carpets such as the exquisite Brandon rug, which is a one of a kind hand knotted rug made with exceptional skill by our highly trained artisan rug weavers and will match any glamorous interior design scheme.

Our amazing luxury rugs and designer carpets are delicately created using the finest materials possible and are available in several colour options to choose from. Express yourself with the perfect designer rugs that would be an exquisite addition to any one of your contemporary living spaces.