2019 Interior Design Trends

What trends are big on the home front this year!

2019 Interior Design Trends

With a brand new year on the horizon, it's an opportunity to leave behind what's bad and embrace what's new and good. When you're deciding what to overhaul, don't forget about the home front. For decor lovers looking for tips on 2019 decorating, what will be on the cards for next year? And will millennial pink be quite so ubiquitous this time in 2019? We’ve asked a handful of interiors experts to look into their metaphorical crystal balls and answer that very question, giving us a handful of re-decorating prompts in the process. From the rise of the home bar (cheers to that) to the textures, colours and hero pieces that will be all over your Instagram feeds come 2019, these are the trends to invest in now (with some visual inspiration courtesy of Pinterest)...

Colour I see in for 2019 are Blush, Millennial pink and bronze. Warm colours and feminine tones. A gorgeous hue that’s actually pretty versatile, millennial pink can work in an array of interior design styles. And its being seen in a few decor releases form some fave brands too.


The best thing about the Millennial pink interior design trend is that it works with a lot of finishes you probably already have in your home.

Opal Armchairfeatures velvet with brass details amplify the sinuous shape of this softly luxurious armchair. Use it as the perfect way to adorn a living room area while giving it a feminine touch of elegance.

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