One of the most exciting parts about owning your own home is decorating it. The task might be overwhelming for people who don’t know where to start, especially when it’s a larger room or space. You might ask yourself, “Where do I buy luxury furniture online? Which pieces should I prioritize? How many of each should I get?”

This is why it is important to narrow down your focus on the essentials – key pieces that make a statement on just how developed your taste for interior design is. Once you know which luxury home furnishings to get, the task becomes more enjoyable! Here are a few essential luxury house furniture pieces to get you started.


Visualizer: Sherif Abdul Rahman

Essential Piece 1: A sizeable, contemporary mirror.

Upgrading your living room to make it look luxurious is easy with the right luxury home furnishings like a beautiful mirror. Choose a large mirror that reflects all the best details of your furniture and make it a focal point of your living room.

A stylish silhouette these days are large, round mirrors with spokes or ray-like embellishments spreading out from the center. Alternatively, a mirror with angular edges that make it look like a huge piece of cut precious stone also works. Done in a beautiful, matted gold color, it can easily beat a bedazzled chandelier or a humongous china vase that were once bastions of living room greatness.

Essential Piece Mirror

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Essential Piece 2: A plush chaise lounge in a muted colour.

Don’t mistake the power of a chaise lounge to elevate how a room looks and feels! Whether it’s a bedroom, an office, or simply a corner of your home, the right chaise lounge upgrades the overall look and feel and spells c-l-a-s-s. Lounging around never looked so temptingly indulgent in luxury home furnishings like this, so choose one in the finest possible upholstery. Colour-wise, it’s best to go for simple and muted colours so you can complement it with smaller pillows done in interesting colours and patterns.

A Plush Chaise Lounge In a Muted colour

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Essential Piece 3: A statement dining table.

If “charming” is the secondary vibe you want to project in your tasteful home’s dining area, scope out some reclaimed wood dining tables when you buy luxury furniture online. The rustic charm of reclaimed wood lends a homey feel to any home without sacrificing on the chic-ness – especially if the legs are made of iron.

If you’re going for a fashionably upscale feel, however, a marbled table top with gold or bronze legs can easily make your dining room look magazine cover-worthy. Whether you decide to adorn it with a vase of fresh flowers, votive candles in golden candle holders, or a bowl of the season’s harvest, either piece makes a statement that your dining room is the epitome of gathering ‘round the table in style.

Luxury Dining Table

Visualizer: Signorini Coco

Essential Piece 4: An upholstered, swivel chair for the home office.

A home office might be the place where no-nonsense business is conducted, but it doesn’t have to mean a zero-style zone. When you buy luxury furniture online for your home office, start out with your office chair. Steer clear of business-y black gas lift office chairs, though! Focus your efforts on the pieces that are both comfortable to sit on (and do some deep thinking work in) as well as easy on the eyes.

A plush, upholstered swivel chair (in cream or light beige, for example) with a bright, stain steel base lends a sense of style and serenity amidst your office clutter. Partnered with a sleek and simple desk, you’re guaranteed fewer working doldrums with this tastefully designed home office duo.

Luxury swivel chair for the home office.

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Essential Piece 5: A textured, oversized throw for your bed.

The trick to luxury home furnishings is to choose expensive-looking pieces that still maintain a sense of simplicity. For your master’s bed, a simple white or beige comforter can be easily glammed up with an oversized throw or blanket acting as an accent piece.

Choose an interesting yet comfortable texture (a velvety finish or oversized cable knit pattern) that creates a wonderful contrast to the comforter’s serene and peaceful canvas. Luxury home furnishings are best complimented by pieces like throws that can be used in different ways. Apart from your bed, a textured throw can be casually draped over your dressing chair or tufted reading couch as well.

Luxury oversized throw for your bed

Essential Piece 6: A designer-looking console table.

Want to buy luxury furniture online to decorate your plain hallway or foyer? Start out with a fancy console table. Modern luxury house furniture stores have interesting console tables to turn any old hallway into something beautiful and classy. This is especially important if you want to project your tasteful style as soon as guests enter your home.

If you want clean lines, an angular console table with light, solid wood legs and an interesting, patterned surface does the trick. If you want a more feminine feel, perhaps a marbled top resting on a curved, brass table base is preferable. Keep in mind, though – what you put on top of it is just as important, so avoid cluttering your console and make it look ready to receive guests at any given minute.

Luxury modern console table

Visualizer: CAS Interior Design

Essential Piece 7: The finest rugs or carpets you can afford.

Rugs and carpets might be on the ground, but don’t underestimate their ability to tie the whole room’s look together! The right rug or carpet will complement as well as enhance your existing luxury house furniture.

If your luxury home furnishings are on the busy side (i.e. commands attention with interesting colour, silhouettes, pattern or finishing), then your carpets should be equally luxurious in feel yet toned down when it comes to design. If you buy luxury furniture online that’s on the safe side in terms of colour, pattern, and texture, then you can play around with your rug or carpet’s details by choosing pieces with monochrome colours but fun patterns like zigzag, herringbone, and the like.

luxury finest rugs or carpets

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A Style That Reflects on You

When it comes to styling a home to make it look luxurious, remember that it should always mirror your personal taste. Who you are as a homeowner must be evident. Otherwise, you are simply creating a showroom that looks like it was plucked straight from a designer furniture catalogue. Little details like your favourite flowers, your collection of art books, and wall decors from your favorite travels are little testaments to a home that is well-designed and well-loved by a stylish person such as yourself!