How To Chose A Right Dining Chair

10 Most Iconic Dining Chairs

How To Chose A Right Dining Chair

The dining table plays a big part in everyday life, whether you're hosting a dinner party or enjoying a family meal, therefore we spend so much time in this room, it is essential to pick the right type of dining chair to complement our dining room and ensure we're sitting as comfortably as possible. The right dining chairs can do wonders to your home.


It's not possible to go wrong with a classic wooden dining chair, classic styles come in arrays of shapes and sizes, combination with distinctive features such as cross back, spindle or tapered legs, and arched stretchers. Quite the chameleons, they easy to fit into a modern or traditional scheme and still be able to bland into a rustic or adorned with cushion pads and cover.


Andrew Dining Chair                     Brooke Classic Wooden Dining ChairLoire-armless-wooden-dining-chair


There are many benefit for select a velvet dining chair. You don't need too much of it to make a big impact in your space, and the rich fabric can make a simple dining table seem much grander. Velvet fabric resulting in rich colour comes in a myriad of different hues. Linen dining chairs are most commonly found in shade of cream, grey and ecru, a complete parallel to the rich, bright colours synonymous with velvet dining chair sets. Linen works beautifully in neutral schemes, both modern and traditional, and can look very trendy if combination with more elaborate frame design.

Linen Dining Chair

Best Sellers                      

Luxury Eichholtz Boca Grand Dining Chair               Cohen Velvet Dining ChairLucy Dining Chair


Leather is one of most durable materials, leather can be twinned with modern and retro-inspired furniture. The colour of leather no longer restricted to one or two shades, leather now made in a broad spectrum of colours. However Black and Cream colour leather are most common choices, and it look great in a contemporary apartment, whilst aged tobacco leather in Tan colour cab be integrated into rustic and full of character. And most advantage of leather is can be wiped down and your save precious hours as you don't have to remove covers and wash them. If you're a dog lover, a leather dining chair might be a suitable option for you.

Leather Dining Chair

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Lorean Leather Dining Chair        Cream Leather Jackie Dining Chair        Fuchsia Leather Dining Chair

As you can seen, there are many different types of dining chairs to pick from. To help choose the best one for your dining room, think about the functionality and space of the room.  To update your dining room, shop our wide range of Luxury dining chairs available in a variety of materials, designs and colours. 

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