How to layering your rugs with latest trends and tips

Rugs play such an important role in interiors design. most people think about introduce a rugs in a space usually imagine it as a single piece on the floor. New trends of how to using a carpets and rugs is a game-changer. It adds extra texture, layers make room even warmer and instantly transforms the entire interiors into an innovative and creative space. However there is much more to layering rugs than just adding one on top of another.

When it comes to floor coverings, sometimes more is more. Layering rugs offers an easy way to add colour and pattern to a room or to experiment with trends without investing in a large carpet. Durable sisals topped with vibrant textiles work well in family-friendly space. High-traffic areas, or sprawling rooms, whole an artful arrangement of antique carpets puts a modern spin on the traditional pieces. 

Rug Over Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Back in the day, most domestic interiors fitted with wall-to-wall carpeting, but due the research on dust mites, allergens another issues, people has reduced wall-to-wall carpets as their main floor covering. However, with new technology and organic materials such as wool, jute, these carpets have made a comeback, especially in bedrooms and kid's rooms. But this tends to look boring and they have no way of defining zones in the room. We can change this by using the layering area over with rugs. Room like a bedroom, you can place two area rugs on each side of the bed to make the "Landing zone", while in the children's room you can select a soft rug for the playing area.

Eclectic Style To Laying Your Rugs

Laying a rug isn't always fitting into every design style. In fact, it would be better try it in a non traditional designed room. Eclectic modern styles are good for trying this trend. With this style room you can emphasize the different decor approaches, by layings different style rugs together. Try this principle of layering an oriental rug over a contemporary rug. Different textures, like flat weave and faux fur...  

Use Different Shapes

There are much more interesting ways to layer your rugs than just using square on square or circle on the circle... principle. Try to consider adding round colorful rugs make the entire room look so much more fun and introduce some dynamic into every space

Experiment With Patterns

Experiment with different patterns has been a trend for years in the world of interior design and fashion. So don't be afraid of mixing up with different patterns. You need to apply what you know about rugs, for example, layering a Turkish & Persian Kilim Rugs on the iconic traditional Moroccan rug is a statement design style. However, this approach should be done with care, to avoid overwhelming the space by chose a neutral color and top it with a vibrant Kilim to balance the design style.

Messy Layout

In some situation you can make it less perfect proportional, it will make seem way more fun if you throw one carpet on top of another in a carefree casual manner. This is a great way if you need to fill your long, narrow space of your hallway. Instead of using long runner, you can use few small rungs and place them at a jaunty angle, but still overlapping.

We hope all these tips help you get a good starting point for your layering rugs, implementing trends within practically which will suit you, nothing beats a little creativity and imagination.