Black Series

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The most important feature for teen's room need to be chic, cool, practical, un-ordinary and independent.

We totally understand what these words mean in their language, therefore we think our line perfectly portrays their dreams. In this series, you will witness distinctness of Black series which present a world for youth, rather than just a room, with its features that will easily keep pace with their lives.

Its wood texture and black colour turned it into an unique composite. Sleep, dreams, chats. Cliek designed the best bed for our teenagers. Perfect Bedside table for mobile phone, tablet, charger, books, magazines, glasses, pens.....everything you need for bedtime reading.

Is your friend staying over? The bottom bed is ready as a second bed…

Your all clothes and personal effects fits into Black’s sliding wardrobe everyday. The lower drawer was designed as two-compartment. Thereby you can keep different things in drawers. The airing capsule on its backrest helps ventilation of your clothes.

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