Champion Racer Series

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Tulip Interiors proudly presents the amazing Champion Racer Series from Cilek that transforms a children’s room into an outstanding new world to fulfil any dreams, so they can enjoy an amazing play environment. In the designer Champion Racer Series, they will also be able to have a highly comfortable learning environment.

Owning a new sports car has never been easier with the GTS carbed from our amazing Champion Racer Series and its matching furniture/accessories that we proudly showcases to its customers. The many different pieces of the designer Champion Racer Series combine into a fully-fledged race track themed room that would excite any young child.

The variety of features included within the Champion Racer Series are things such as beautiful leather padding, backrest for comfortable reading, lights, sounds and Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, all the items within the designer Champion Racer Series are created with the maximum amount of precision resulting in the highest quality products available.

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