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Pirate Series
Pirate Series

Luxury Children’s Room Pirate Series

"Arrrrr! Make way for the captain! " Tulip Interiors proudly presents the amazing Cilek furniture Pirate Series that transforms a children’s room into an outstanding new adventure world to fulfil any dreams, so they can enjoy an amazing play environment. In the designer Pirate Series, they will also be able to have a highly comfortable learning environment.

The Pirate ship bed gives the real feeling of living in the sea with Cilek Pirate Series and its matching furniture/accessories that Tulip Interiors showcases to its customers. The many different pieces of the designer Pirate Series results into a treasure island themed room that would excite and intrigue any young child.

The variety of matching features included within the luxury Pirate Series are things such as beautiful treasure chest, shark desk for comfortable reading, and pirate chair. Moreover, all the items within the designer Pirate Series are created with the maximum amount of precision resulting in the highest quality products available.

Items 1-12 of 22

Set Descending Direction
  1. Energy Rug
  2. Exclusive Chair
  3. Oval Bamboo Mattress (90 x 195 x 19 cm)
  4. Oval Star Mattress (90 x 195 x 18 cm)
  5. Pirate 3 Door Wardrobe
  6. Pirate Bed with Base (100x200cm)
  7. Pirate Bunk Bed
  8. Pirate Carpet (133x190cm)
  9. Pirate Ceiling Lamp
  10. Pirate Chair
  11. Pirate Chest
  12. Pirate Dresser

Items 1-12 of 22

Set Descending Direction