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Royal Series
Royal Series

Luxury Designer Kid's Room

Reflecting the premium quality in Royal Palace, our Royal Series collection is both modern and elegant. The chic details cater for all ages and is suitable for both boys and girls. The designer Royal Series vast storage options and modern features including listening to music via USB, mobile phone charging dock, cupboard interior drawer, multiple size of beds, storage ottoman and more.

The Royal Series bed gives the real feeling of living in a fancy estate in our designer Royal Series and its matching furniture/accessories that showcases to its customers. The many different pieces of the designer Royal Series produces a highly sophisticated themed room that would excite and intrigue any young child. 

The variety of matching features included within the luxury Royal Series are things such as beautiful royal bed, royal bookcase for easy storage, and quality desk. Moreover, all the items within the designer Royal Series are created with the maximum amount of precision resulting in the highest quality products available.

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  1. Royal 3 Door Wardrobe
  2. Royal Bed
    Royal Bed
    As low as £296.00
  3. Royal Bed With Base
  4. Royal Bookcase
  5. Royal Bunk Bed
  6. Royal Chest Of Drawers
  7. Royal Nightstand
  8. Royal Pullout Bed
  9. Royal Sliding Door Wardrobe
  10. Royal Study Desk
  11. Royal Study Desk Large
  12. Royal Study Desk Unit
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 14

Set Descending Direction