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Trio Series
Trio Series

Luxury Designer Teen Boy's Room Trio Series

Introducing our newest and funkiest teenager bedroom series... This Cilek Trio Series is everything teenagers has dreamed of. Storage, shelves, built-in USB chargers and an extra bed option for sleepovers.

Reflecting the latest technological advancements, our luxury teen bedroom Trio Series collection is both modern and stylish. The chic details cater for all ages and is suitable for both boys and girls. The designer Trio Series vast storage options and modern features including listening to music via USB, mobile phone charging dock, cupboard interior drawer, multiple size of beds, storage ottoman and more.

Our designer Trio Series and its matching furniture/accessories that Tulip Interiors showcases to its customers. The many different pieces of the designer Trio Series produces a highly sophisticated themed room that would excite and intrigue any growing teenager.

The variety of matching features included within the luxury Trio Series are things such as beautiful bed, bookcase for easy storage, and quality desk.

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  1. Cool Carpet (135x200cm)
  2. Denim Bed Cover (90 x100cm)
  3. Hera Carpet (135x190cm)
  4. Modern Chair Grey
  5. Pasific Rug
  6. Prime Carpet (115x180cm)
  7. Quatro Chair Grey
  8. Select Bed Cover (120cm)
  9. Select Carpet (135x200cm)
  10. Select Ceiling Lamp
  11. Select Table Lamp
  12. Trio 2 Door Wardrobe

Items 1-12 of 34

Set Descending Direction