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Bebe Nursery Collection
Bebe Nursery Collection

Luxury Bebe Baby's Room Furniture Collection

An oasis where you can discover a new aesthetic wrap made of soft colours and relief materials. The luxury Bebe Nursery collection is a cosy place made of precious, symbolic and artistic details creating a room for a baby that became his first great window to the world. Sweetness and purity wrap around the cradòes, surrounded by the soft shapes of furniture from the designer nursery collection with a classic soul, protected by the beating of the wings of the butterflies on wall panels.

This comprehensive luxury Bebe nursery collection contains all the necessary interior pieces to produce a dream décor scheme. These vary from amazing living room pieces to a complete babe room composition that incorporates all the meticulously-crafted pieces of the luxury nursery collection in a truly astonishing way.

10 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Andy Baby Cradle Set
    Andy Baby Cradle Set
    As low as £4,112.00
  2. Angel Bedside Table Angel Bedside Table
  3. Angel Bedside Table Pierced Angel Bedside Table Pierced
  4. Angel Changing Unit
  5. Cora Pierced Baby Bed
  6. Nevil Baby Cradle
    Nevil Baby Cradle
    As low as £4,943.00
  7. Sunny Baby Cradle Set Pale Blue Cushion
  8. Sunny Baby Cradle With Light Grey Cushion
  9. Sunny Bedside Table
  10. Sunny Chest Of Drawers

10 Items

Set Descending Direction