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Chantilly Colletion
Chantilly Colletion

Delicate nuances dress out the little girl’s room with the sweetness of candy floss and chantilly cream.

The styling has been achieved by combining Bonseki Fusion wood with cream white body and padding made of beige eco-leather. The single LIFT bed – for cm 120 x 190 mattress – with padded headboard looks like a real tasty white chocolate bar.

Accent with complementing with wardrobes with 2 sliding doors, a bedside table, chest of drawers and vanity table with a pouf.

Our comprehensive designer Chantilly contains all the necessary interior pieces to produce a dream décor scheme. These vary from amazing beds, chest of drawers, bedside tables and dressing table to a complete bedroom composition that incorporates all the meticulously-crafted pieces of the designer Chantilly collection in a truly succinct way.

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  1. Accent Wall Light
  2. Breeze Canopy
    Breeze Canopy
  3. Chantilly Bed
    Chantilly Bed
  4. Domino Upholstered Headboard
  5. Dorian Wall Mirror
  6. Lift Bed
    Lift Bed
  7. Lift Bedside Table
  8. Lift Chest of Drawers
  9. Lift Dressing Table
  10. Pandora Round Padded Pouf
  11. Plateau Bedside Table Double Drawers
  12. Plateau Bedside Table Single Drawer
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 15

Set Descending Direction