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Sideboards & Dressers
Sideboards & Dressers

Luxury Sideboards, Cabinets & Dressers

Look through our unbelievable compilation of luxury sideboards & dressers and understand the amazing architectural design behind each and every one of our designer sideboards & dressers.

Our marvellous luxury sideboards & dressers are hand crafted using the most refined materials such as solid wood, with wood veneers, with high gloss finishes and even with marble. Inject a timeless classic into the home, oozing elegance and sophistication through our designer sideboards & dressers, wine cabinets, which unbelievably enhance the room while complementing its surroundings.

Explore our collection that are visually stunning but also provides the most stylish way to store the necessary items. Our aim is to deliver more luxury sideboards & dressers that also fit a purpose in many contemporary homes.

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  1. Alexia Sideboard
    Alexia Sideboard
    As low as £2,938.00
  2. Allure Buffet
    Allure Buffet
  3. Allure Sideboard
  4. Andrew Martin Aubrey Cabinet Andrew Martin Aubrey Cabinet
  5. Andrew Martin Edith Cabinet
  6. Bolton Bar
    Bolton Bar
  7. Chandler Sideboard
  8. Eichholtz Bar Grimaldi
  9. Eichholtz Coleridge Sideboard
  10. Francis Ebony Veneer Wine Cabinet
  11. Gallant Sideboard
  12. Haider Sideboard
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 31

Set Descending Direction