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Office Desks

Our extravagantly lush designer office desks are available in variable dimensions ensuring that they are perfect for all types of room compositions. We specialise in a unique array of luxury office desks to suit any individual office conception. Moreover, understand the creation behind each distinctive designer office desks that matches your needs and adds a touch of class to produce an elegant interior atmosphere that epitomises luxury office spaces.

Whether you prefer a contemporary interior space filled with luxury office desks to be able to work in a concise manner, or you desire a retro collection of designer office desks to produce a bliss atmosphere, each and every piece of our stunning collection incorporates delicate craftsmanship. Above all, our luxury office desks are meticulously hand-crafted to create a stunning centrepiece for any luxury décor scheme.

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  1.  Eichholtz Desk Lodewijk XV Piano White
  2. British Desk
    British Desk
  3. British Desk Antique Oak Finish
  4. Calista Metal Desk
  5. Chase Ebony Wood Veneer Office Desk
  6. Da Gama Console Table
  7. Da Gama Desk
    30% OFF
    Da Gama Desk
    Special Price £1,295.00 Regular Price £1,850.00
  8. Desk Shaker
    Desk Shaker
  9. Dorchester Executive Desk
  10. Eichholtz Console Table Callum
  11. Eichholtz Desk Gregorio
  12. Eichholtz Desk Lodewijk XV Piano Black
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 21

Set Descending Direction