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Mid-Century Modern
Mid-Century Modern

Luxury and versatility are key elements of our sumptuous collection. This mid-20th century modern décor features the alluring Washed Oak Veneer Cabinets. Reminiscent of Danish design furniture of the 1950s, these distinctive furniture pieces add texture and intrigue to the room. 

The stylish Highland dresser and DeLaRenta wine cabinet exude the restrained opulence of mid-20th century design. Featuring doors with captivating geometric silhouettes, these washed oak veneer furniture pieces provide a dynamic texture.

The retro look and feel of this sophisticated décor is completed with the oak veneer Remington dining table, flanked by the elegant Scribe dining chairs. Reflecting the timeless beauty of this well-balanced furniture arrangement, the sculptural Robbins table lamp evokes an enchanting interior ambience.

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  1. Barbara Chair
    Barbara Chair
  2. Bianca Chair
    Bianca Chair
  3. British Desk
    British Desk
  4. Contemporary White and  Gold Console Table
  5. Demi Dining Chair
  6. Dexter Dining Chair Nickel Finish
  7. Dexter Mid-Century Modern Dining Chair
  8. Eichholtz Barclay Side Table
  9. Eichholtz Bedside Table Napa Valley
  10. Eichholtz Catalina Chest
  11. Eichholtz Catalina Side Table
  12. Eichholtz Chest Brera
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    Eichholtz Chest Brera
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Grid List

Items 1-12 of 36

Set Descending Direction