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Discover our truly unique collection of designer sideboards, cabinets and dresser that are made of the most premium materials and exquisite design available.

The ideal storage solution for the living space in your interior or an ornamental addition for the hallway, a designer sideboard will inject a timeless classic into the home. Oozing elegance, a luxury sideboard enhances the room while complementing its surroundings.

We have worked tirelessly to acquire the greatest designer sideboards to produce the maximum amount of practicality. Find the exact piece to match the design theme that you home deserve. whether it is a subtle addition or a more extravagant type of luxury sideboard that speaks for itself, we ensure that we have got it covered.

Our collection is now comprised of various pieces ranging from modern designer sideboards with larger dimensions to a more sleek and compact luxury sideboards that adds a touch of elegance to any interior space.

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  1. Alexia Sideboard
    Alexia Sideboard
    As low as £2,938.00
  2. Allure Buffet
    Allure Buffet
  3. Allure Sideboard
  4. Andrew Martin Aubrey Cabinet Andrew Martin Aubrey Cabinet
  5. Andrew Martin Edith Cabinet
  6. Bolton Bar
    Bolton Bar
  7. Brooke Cabinet
  8. Calista Entertainment Console
  9. Chandler Sideboard
  10. Eichholtz Bar Grimaldi
  11. Eichholtz Coleridge Sideboard
  12. Francis Ebony Veneer Wine Cabinet
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 34

Set Descending Direction