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This gorgeous contemporary collection created by the exquisite Spanish, who have a well-known tradition of craftsmanship.This luxury contemporary collection has the ambition to become fully integrated into the classic, contemporary and modern interior design, adapted to today's needs.
The designer contemporary collection is comprised of astounding pieces that offer maximum functionality but is purposely upholstered with a classy exterior to produce true masterpieces that lights up in any home.

The elements in the designer contemporary collection boasts a minimalistic design but adds a touch of elegance to any home making the contemporary collection an example of modern classic style,that is set to become a timeless choice amidst the changing trends.

Discover some of the highly intricate and fabulous pieces that are the architectural foundations of the luxury contemporary collection and enjoy the variety of different pieces that Tulip Interiors have to offer to produce a truly spectacular ambience in every modern home. Our comprehensive designer contemporary collection contains all the necessary interior pieces to produce a dream décor scheme.

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  1. Andrew Dining Chair
  2. Bethany Dining Chair
  3. Diana Dining Table
  4. Doris Bedside Table
  5. Doris Dressing Table
    5% OFF
    Doris Dressing Table
    As low as £3,595.00
  6. Doris Tallboy
    Doris Tallboy
  7. Double Sided Bookcase
    Double Sided Bookcase
    As low as £4,243.00
  8. Francis Bedside Table
    Francis Bedside Table
    As low as £2,346.00
  9. Francis Chest Of Drawers
    7% OFF
    Francis Chest Of Drawers
    As low as £3,541.00
  10. Francis Dressing Table
    12% OFF
    Francis Dressing Table
    As low as £3,031.00
  11. Gil Bookcase
    Gil Bookcase
    As low as £2,009.00
  12. Gina Armchair
    Gina Armchair
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 33

Set Descending Direction