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Explore collection of Eichholtz luxury furniture, lighting and home decor.

Eichholtz offer a collection of design furniture, lighting and home accessories, striking contemporary classic which exudes a feeling of restrained opulence and sophisticated glamour. Eichholtz is one of Tulip Interiors most popular brands and loved by our customers reason of chic and timeless design with high quality of luxury furnishings and home accessories.

Founded by Theo Eichholtz after his travels around the world, Eichholtz offers a fusion of styles inspired by auction houses, luxury hotels and antique dealers in both Asia and the United States. Now one of Europe's largest designer home suppliers, Eichholtz continues to produce captivating homewares which embody the timeless elegance of the brand's aesthetic.

The company is internationally renowned for the finest craftsmanship and truly iconic designs, in fact the designers have developed their interior collections over the past 25 years.

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  1.  Eichholtz Desk Lodewijk XV Piano White
  2. Adam Chair Albin Black
  3. Adam Chair Albin Green
  4. Adam Chair Albin Turquoise
  5. Agate Abstracts Prints Set Of 2
  6. Aletti Cushion Small
  7. Anastasia Convex Mirror Antique Gold Leaf Finish
  8. Anastasia Mirror Antique Silver Leaf Finish
  9. Astaire Gold Mirror
  10. Astaire Nickel Mirror
  11. Austin Stool
    3% OFF
    Austin Stool
    As low as £391.00
  12. Baccarat Side Table
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 528

Set Descending Direction