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Luxury Candle Holders – How To Get Lighting Right

Luxury candle holders represent just one of the ways you can illuminate your home. It is so important to get lighting right in your property. Light plays a crucial role in ensuring your home is comfortable and that you are healthy. After all, there is nothing more headache-inducing than intense artificial light. So, how do you get lighting right in your property? One mistake that so many homeowners make today is relying on only one light source. The key to the best lighting is layering it at various heights. Use this as an opportunity to add style to your rooms with different luxury home accessories, such as floor or table lamps, as well as overhead lamps.

You also should avoid choosing overhead lighting that is too bright. Instead, use soft white bulbs and dimmers in every room, including the bathroom. By considering the wattage of the luxury home lighting you choose, you will be able to ensure that the mood is right for the room in question. For the bathroom, overhead lights should be about 75 watts, with 60 watts on each side. For the living room, 75 to 100 watts is ideal, with dimmers. Finally, for the dining room, something lower like 60 watts is recommended, as no-one wants to dine in harsh, bright light.

Other tips include ensuring light switches are placed roughly 36 inches above the floor; creating atmosphere by installing a dimmer switch; and installing solid recessed lighting in your closet. To get started with adding the right lighting to your home to bring out the beauty of your luxury furniture, head to the Tulip Interiors Ltd website at We offer lighting and luxury candle holders UK delivery available, as well as international shipping. For more information, all you need to do is give us a call on +44 (0) 203 904 6888 or send an email to [email protected]