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Luxury Garden Furniture – Look Great Outside

Luxury garden furniture matters as much as it ever did, perhaps even more. While the British climate may be a little unpredictable, many of us like to get outside and bask in the sunshine when it does make an appearance! In addition, we like entertaining friends and family outside, utilising the best of our outdoor space in order to enjoy socialising. However, when you’re considering how to fit out your garden space, don’t dismiss luxury furniture options as an unnecessary extravagance. Think of it in this way – you wouldn’t buy inferior chairs to go with a dining table, so why let your garden be inferior to your house?

Tips For Buying Luxury Furniture In The UK

As with all larger purchases, luxury garden furniture should be something you consider carefully. First of all, ensure that you have an idea of what you’re looking for. Size is still a consideration, even when you’re outside the confines of the home. You don’t want a luxury garden sofa that dwarfs the entire garden. On the other hand, if you have a huge open space and only put a small table and chairs in it, you may not be playing to the strengths of the space you have available. So, think carefully about how big your new garden furniture needs to be. Luxury outdoor furniture sets can be found to fit all garden spaces and requirements, so make sure of what you need first before going into the buying process. Similarly, materials matter. The last thing you want is to buy a garden table with chairs, only for it to disintegrate after a short amount of use. This is one reason why you should put your trust in luxury furniture designers and suppliers. They utilise the very best in high quality materials and create the ideal piece of garden furniture that will last for many years. It is coupling excellent materials with expert craftsmanship that creates the best luxury furniture around. As such, it’s important that you know the background and reputation of the designer furniture you’re working with and how committed they are to quality materials. Too often, ‘luxury’ is labelled incorrectly and leads to customers being duped about the quality of an item.

Why Choose Luxury Rattan Furniture?

One of the most popular choices of garden furniture on the market is undoubtedly luxury rattan furniture. Not only does rattan furniture look stylish, it’s also very easy to maintain, as well as being lightweight and eco-friendly. These are just some of the common reasons why those looking for garden furniture luxury items turn to rattan. It’s one of the strongest woods available, derived from a vine that grows in jungles. So, in terms of durability and strength, rattan is one of your best choices. It’s ideal if you often entertain in your garden and would like a hardy garden furniture set to accommodate your guests. Remember, also, that rattan is wrapped around a frame, so it’s important that the frame is as strong as the vine itself to ensure longevity. Cushions and other outdoor furnishings can beautifully complement rattan furniture. However, these are obviously a matter of personal preference, and it’s important to choose accessories that are both functional and comfortable, as well as working visually with your furniture and your garden. When you buy quality rattan furniture in comparison to inferior options, you can really tell the difference very quickly. For instance, good quality rattan furniture won’t easily fade through exposure to strong sunlight. If rattan isn’t treated effectively in the design and manufacture process, it’s liable to be damaged by the sun’s rays. You don’t want to have to move your garden furniture out of the sun, so shop via a reputable supplier such as Tulip Interiors Ltd for peace of mind.

Purchase Your Luxury Garden Furniture Direct From Tulip Interiors Ltd

At Tulip Interiors Ltd, we know that luxury garden furniture is something many of our clients love. As with all our ranges of luxury furniture, we take great care in the design, manufacture and delivery of our garden pieces. Quality is our watchword. Every item we design is produced with this watchword in mind, and you can see that throughout our garden sets, including the rattan garden furniture we stock. Find out more about our ranges of garden furniture by visiting our website at While you’re there, why not browse our other ranges, including bedroom, dining room and living room furniture?