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Modern Italian
Modern Italian

Modern Italian collection is a contemporary and new classical Italian furniture brand that offers high quality luxury furniture pieces with its sheer elegance and pronounced style, takes its inspiration from the esteemed Decò design, which was highly popular in the 30’s. Their talented designer who cooperate with Daytona Home are the best you can imagine with their years of experence in the manufacture of exclusive luxury furniture piece. The materials used are very, including finest wood, fabrics and leathers which allow for the production of sophisticated Italian luxury furniture. 

The elements in the designer collection exude a sophisticated yet cosy style that brighten up formal, sumptuous settings in any home. Shapes of a recent past which is appreciated throughout the world for its innovativeness and charm take on a cosier feel with contemporary design shapes, making the luxury designer collection an example of modern classic style,that is set to become a timeless choice amidst the changing trends.

This collection contains all the necessary interior pieces to produce a dream décor scheme. These vary from amazing living room pieces to a complete bedroom composition that incorporates all the meticulously-crafted pieces of the Modern Italian collection in a truly succinct way.

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  1. Albert Bedside Cabinet
    Albert Bedside Cabinet
    As low as £3,945.00
  2. Albert Chest of Drawers
    Albert Chest of Drawers
    As low as £8,336.00
  3. Alfred 3 Drawer Nightstand
  4. Alfred Double 6 Drawer Dresser
  5. Amy Armchair
    Amy Armchair
  6. Brandon Floor Lamp
  7. Brandon Table Lamp
  8. Brandon Wall Lamp
  9. Brera  Armchair
    Brera Armchair
  10. Carter Console Table
  11. Contemporary Italian Designer Upholstered Bubble Bench
  12. Contemporary Italian Leather Designer Console Table With Calacatta Top
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 67

Set Descending Direction